• Jumbo Skips Ltd
    Recycling Centre,
    Jumbo Yard,
    Loomer Road,
    ST5 7JZ

Recycle your waste and help your environment

Most of the traditional waste which is collected in skips and bins is disposed of in landfill sites. At Jumbo Skips Ltd we believe this to be environmentally unfriendly and have made a decisive move by establishing our own recycling centre.

We see waste as a resource to be recovered, recycled and reused and our aim is to achieve ZERO landfill from the waste which we collect. In order to achieve this we will sort and segregate the waste and deliver it to an appropriate recycling centre. Scrap metals are taken direct to local foundries where they are melted down and re-used. Plastics, cardboard and wood are segregated and recycled. Building materials such as bricks are crushed and re-used as hardcore.

We are able to offer you a full range of skips and bins for hire with a same day service for all instructions received before 3.30pm. There is no extra charge for recycling your waste.
So if you would like to deal with a local company who can offer you a fast efficient service and also help the environment, then give us a call now on 01782 566650.